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Embody Healing services

I offer the following safe and gentle complementary modalities to enhance and promote wellness and balance in our body, mind and spirit.   

Reiki healing  can be experienced by distant or through in person sessions.

Chakradance is facilitated in sacred live groups, 1:1 or through online, supported e-course. 

Pellowah to be offered in the near future as combined (with Reiki) and stand alone sessions.

Embody Home includes featured products and beautiful essence oils utilised in my sessions and available for purchase

Alternative Therapy

Reiki Healing



Embody home

Reiki Treatment

Re-charge and balance your energy to feel lighter, calmer and happier.

More importantly discover and re-connect back to  YOU.   Find your inner wisdom, voice and  the essence of who you truly are.

Reiki in person and distant healing

Reiki is the Japanese  system of working with energy to create balance in the body and mind - leaving us  feeling calmer and happier.  When our bodies and minds are relaxed and in a peaceful state, we are able to cultivate a more positive and healthy way of being, no matter what our circumstances or stage of life. 

Reiki  can enhance our capacity to heal, repair and respond effectively  to life's challenges.  It is based on the principle of 'becoming whole'; supporting the mind and body to become one. 

I offer in person and distant Reiki healing sessions of 50 mins and 75 mins.  For a tailored session to suit children, animals or other specific purpose, please contact me directly. 

What can Reiki help with?

Reiki can help in situations which have taken a toll on us; those which have depleted or drained our physical/emotional resources or contributed to imbalances  such as through trauma, loss, break ups, burnout, stress,  physical or emotional  pain. 

It's intention is to bring or return the body/mind to a balanced/natural state.  What this means or how this can assist each person will differ from person to person and in each session.   

So  a Reiki session or practice may mean; gaining further insight into an emotional issue we have been grappling with, calming  our nervous system to help  boost our immune response, calming our mind to assist us in better decision making, or something else based on what you most need at the time. 

Reiki provides the opportunity  to fill up our energy  resources, build our capacity  and to recharge!  It aids in the clearing and replenishing of  our energy levels/flow according to the emotional, physical or other needs of the body. 

Some  benefits or situations where Reiki can assist  include;  

- improved sleeping patterns

- focus and clarity of the mind

- calming a busy mind  

- stress reduction & increased feelings of relaxation/peacefulness

 - relieve pain (both physical or emotional) and assist with pain management 

- enhance healing and recovery 

Reiki is not designed as a diagnostic tool,  and it does not have a pre-determined outcome or expected result,  which is limiting in itself. 

Reiki is a safe, gentle and beautiful practice that can work for any living creature, issue, or object (anything made up of energy!)  and alongside any other medical or holistic treatment you may be undertaking at the time.

Chakradance live group, online and 1:1 sessions

Chakradance is a therapeutic dance movement practice which integrates Jungian psychology with the healing qualities of dance and music with the ancient Eastern wisdom of the chakra system.  The chakras are our body's energetic power centres which influence our physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

​Within Chakradance sessions we explore and work with both the individual chakras as well as the whole system, by using guided imagery, specially created music to resonate with the vibrational frequency  of each chakra and spontaneous dance and movement.   

​From exploring the earthy, primal  instincts of the base chakra to our creative expression and intuitive wisdom of the throat and third eye chakra, it  is an inner journey of healing and self discovery.   ​As we pay attention and view our lives through the lens of each chakra, we can become more  aware of ourselves, our behaviours and patterns.  Do we speak our truth (throat chakra)? Can we fully step into our confidence and self worth (solar plexus), are we holding onto grief and past hurts (heart chakra).   We  use chakradance to help us activate or bring these power  centres into balance.    

​When we journey inwards to experience and deeply connect with the vibrational energy and beauty of each chakra in its deepest form, we celebrate who we truly are. 

It is a dance for the soul; liberating, gentle, fun and  a celebration of every aspect of ourselves.  For many, it is a feeling of coming home.   It is nourishing and  deeply reflective, a process to be experienced directly. 

​As the creator of Chakradance, Natalie Southgate affirms "Dancing each chakra is like dancing into seven different worlds each with its own lessons, stories and gifts".  This is truly special and unique to each of us. 

What types of sessions are are offered?

Chakradance sessions are offered as facilitated live groups, individual personalised 1:1 or 2:1 (together with a friend/partner), or through a guided  and supported online  course completed individually or with a group.    Live group sessions are generally small intimate groups  of 10-15 participants.  ​Information about each session/service offered will be available through the booking page, social media or by contacting me directly.

  How can Chakradance help?

Chakradance sessions can help us to gain a greater understanding of who we are and how we want to live our lives.  As we connect more deeply to ourselves we can begin to re-discover our inner truths, passions and our greatness!  

Chakradance is one of the ways we can help to heal and process our feelings and experiences so we can integrate, learn and grow from them.  Through a gentle and  structured  process it supports the release of energy from old, held emotions or  patterns by moving our chakras and working to regulate our energetic system of mind-body-spirit.  Not only do we feel freer and lighter as a result, but we can  also connect to the powerful energies embodied in each chakra through the dance.

 As we work with our chakras we can help clear, balance and maintain a smooth energy flow so we experience life and health in a way that feels good.

Embody Home

Here, I share and offer the products that I love and use myself and which I also use in my individual and group  sessions.  This range will evolve as I find like minded souls with a passion for quality, sustainable and ethical products.  

PLEASE NOTE: for any international purchases, please email me directly for cost and shipping information. 

Perfect Potion

I am very proud to use and feature  the beautiful Perfect Potion essential oil blends and products for you to use in your own home. 

If you have ever seen or heard the founder, Salvatore Battaglia speak  of his life's work in the area of aromatherapy, then you have been able to witness first hand his amazing  passion and dedication for creating nourishing, healing and  socially responsible products.  Perfect Potion embodies the values I hold dear; to respect and tread gently on this beautiful world we live in.   They seek to nurture,  inspire and deliver with quality and integrity in all they do. 

Crafted in their solar powered lab in Brisbane, Australia, most products are packaged in amber glass. I have sought to offer only products here which are made from amber glass, or readily recyclable aluminium, as well as to provide refill options, where possible.  Perfect Potion meticulously source only the finest certified organic and natural ingredients (those which are sustainable and renewable)  and is proudly; Certified COSMOS Natural, Certified COSMOS Organic and Australian Certified Organic.  

Like me, they also believe, all animals should be treated with love and kindness. All Perfect Potion products are vegetarian with most being vegan and accredited with Choose Cruelty Free.

NOTE: Please use products responsibly - oils are for external use and not to be ingested.  Further advice is provided in the product page of each individual item.'

Relax, revitalise and harmonize body, mind and soul.  To visit our Shop click below

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