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Welcome to Embody Healing!

Live Breathe Move

Hello I’m Rose and it’s wonderful to see you here to discover more about what I do and how I can help.   

Please feel free to contact me  if you have any questions or if you  would like to speak with me directly.

Why Embody Healing?

I have worked as a social worker and educator for the past 20 years and it has been an amazing experience and  privilege to meet and be part of so many different people’s lives; to share in their personal stories, triumphs and challenges.  It was never simply work, but  a source of passion and  inspiration, which I am very grateful for!   It has been  a big part of my life  and  made me who I am today.  More importantly, it has enabled me to step into this new stage of work and life, running my own wellbeing practice!  

I am a compassionate & professional practitioner, committed to providing a supportive and transformative experience for you.   In the time that I spend with you, I am fully present and aim to create a nurturing and calm healing space.  

I am a certified Reiki and Pellowah Practitioner as well as an accredited Chakradance facilitator. I am also a practicing student of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques and Yoga.  I would love to share my knowledge, skills and passions with you.


I am fully insured and a member of the following Professional Associations:

  • Australian Reiki Connection  

  • Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australiasia

  • Australian Association of Social Workers

  • International Institute of Complementary Therapies

​​I also hold; a Bachelor of Social Sciences, a Bachelor of Social Work and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  ​I am committed to the ongoing development and growth of my skills and knowledge through daily and professional practice in the modalities I offer.  

​I also enjoy and love;  people, nature, having a laugh, dance for the fun of it, theatre/acting,  being out bush or sea (or both!)  cuddling my family (including the furry ones)  and life!

Why try Reiki or other body/energy work modalities?

Caring for ourselves, is the most valuable and precious thing we can do while we are here on earth, for the people and the world we care about! 

I have witnessed Reiki helping people in a variety of situations from periods of stress, depression, physical pain and injury.  There are many things we can do to enhance and improve our own health, happiness and wellbeing.

​Reiki &  other complementary therapies are wonderful things to bring into your life alongside whatever else helps you feel good, nurtures you and sustains your health and wellness.  We don't have to wait until we are unwell or feeling emotionally distressed to take care of ourselves, we have the opportunity to take  small or big actions every day that support and nourish us.   

We can  begin by recognising the important connection between the  body and mind (an important principle in Reiki and other modalities) and actions we can take daily to value and support  our  physical, mental and emotional health.   

​If our goal is to live the best possible life we can,  than regardless of what has happened or what we have done in the past – every day brings a new moment to help us take a step towards the life or person we want to be.  

If Reiki or any of the other approaches I offer, are something you would like to discover, invite into your life, even if for a brief moment - then I would be honoured to share this with you!

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My Journey

Through my work and own personal experiences, I’ve come to appreciate just how important it is to look after ourselves so that we can really be here - present in this world, able to care for self and others. 

​While at times it has felt easier to avoid, drown out or push deep down within us those parts of our life (or ourselves) that might hurt, scare, stress or pain us, it doesn’t mean those hurts or fears are not there or impacting on us in some way (whether we realise or not!).  It may not even take much for them to re-surface as we bury hurt upon hurt! 

​At a time when I was highly stressed, anxious and burnt out, I discovered the benefits of Reiki, amongst other things like; meditation, mindfulness,  yoga and dance.   I realised how long I had been ignoring the physical and emotional warning signs. How much I had pushed, how little I had stopped, how long since I had spent some time listening to what my body, mind and spirit was telling me.  

Dance especially, connected me back to something I have loved ever since I was a child but I had stopped doing altogether.   Free movement, dance and self expression brings me a real sense of joy, happiness and freedom.

​So rather than simply thinking and talking through my issues and worries (valuable and useful in its own way), I began to re-discover, understand and care for me  through learning, practicing and exploring these different forms of mind/ body work. 

Through small and big shifts over time, I  was more aware and able to relate to my emotions and perceptions in a different way.  I saw them for what they were and observed as they came, went and changed over time.   I was much more than my thoughts and feelings, despite how intense or scary they may have felt at the time.

I realised that I was still holding on to deep and old emotional hurts that were stored and felt in my body and mind. I could finally begin to see these,  release and let them go.

​I recognised that we don’t have to look to our mind for answers because listening to our body and spirit is just as important and vital for our health. 

​I came to appreciate that we don’t have to always look to others for answers when we can find what we value and need within us.  We are far stronger, powerful and capable than we sometimes realise (or have been told), and if only we had more confidence and trust in ourselves and the journey of life to move forward (even if one step at a time).   

​I also discovered that the support and love from others along this changing life journey is wonderful and essential.

I  became more aware of my every day choices and decisions about what I  do or bring into my life (some days easier than others!) including my own reactions and responses. 

Most importantly, I realised we do not have face difficulties alone or that what we experience is only unique to us.   We are never really alone as our shared and common life experiences is what makes us quintessentially human.  

The journey of getting to know and discover who we  are, what we truly value and to fully accept every part of ourselves is definitely a journey of a lifetime!   I look forward to sharing in yours.     

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