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FAQs - Chakradance

Find out more about this unique therapeutic dance practice

What is the chakra system?  

Chakra is a sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel, so the system can be seen as spinning wheels of energy.  The chakras are considered our energetic power system,  responsible for regulating the flow of energy in and out of our aura/ energetic body. 
There are seven major chakras and many minor ones in the hands, feet etc.  In Chakradance, we work with the seven major chakras, which are located in a vertical column running the length of  the spine, from the  base to our crown at the very top of our head.
Each chakra governs the physical health of different body parts, organs, and internal systems such as the endocrine, reproductive etc. They also impact the non physical aspects and can influence the health or functioning of different parts of our life such as our survival (sense of safety and security), our willpower, esteem, our sense of kindness and compassion to ourselves and others, the  ability to give and receive love, our self expression and our ability to create the reality in  our lives. 
So in chakradance, we work with individual chakras  as well as the whole system because in working with the 7 chakras together  we are working across the totality of the human experience.

Is Chakradance a religion?

Chakradance is non denominational and is available to anyone of any religious faith or belief.  Chakradance draws on various cultural philosophies and tools as a way to access and understand the chakra energy system.  There are many references across various cultures and religions to the chakra system but chakradance does not represent a religious practice or belief system.  Instead, it can be considered an energetic practice.

Is Chakradance for everyone?

Yes Chakradance is available to every adult of all ages and abilities.   It is designed as an adult class so not suitable for children.  There is a children's  program available and I hope to deliver this in the future.

It is suitable for women who are pregnant (the founder, Natalie,  danced and held classes while heavily pregnant!), and can be experienced with the gentlest of movement.  You are in charge of how much or little you move, and it can be experienced lying down or sitting if need be.  Contact me prior to the class so I can ensure I can meet your needs during the session.

Is Chakradance recognised?

Chakradance is recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a healing modality and requires facilitators to be trained and accredited.  It is currently facilitated in over 50 countries through licensed facilitators.  Chakradance was established in 1998 and  founder, Natalie Southgate is an internationally recognised Hay house author and  teacher with a background in psychology, dance and energy work. Chakradance has been featured at the Deepak Chopra Centre,  international festivals and publications such as Sounds True, body + soul, Entrepreneur, Thrive global and Forbes.

What to bring to a session?

Just bring yourself (and your own water bottle) to a live session!  Any materials or handouts will be provided in the class for you.  At the time of sign up, you will receive further information about the class.   It is important you are comfortable so please wear suitable clothing for movement and we dance barefoot!  If you have any questions, please just ask me directly.

What happens in a chakradance session?

Chakradance sessions are  facilitated in live group sessions, individual 1:1/2:1, as well as online through a structured supported e-course.

Regardless of how you experience Chakradance, the structure and intention of the sessions remain the same. 

As a facilitator it is my role to create a safe, welcoming and inclusive space so that everyone feels comfortable and supported as part of the healing process.

Each session begins with a meditation,  and welcome.   Participants are then guided into the dance using  music and imagery specifically created to reasonate to the  frequency and vibrational energy of each chakra.   This is not a dance class where everyone moves the same way or follows set steps as guided by me.  This is really about connecting with yourself and  your own inner dance journey, however you wish to move, whether these be big or small movements.  With our eyes closed in a low lit room, this is really about connecting with your own experience.  It involves being open and aware to any  insights or feelings that arise (without judgement) and being present  to connect with the energy of the specific chakra being explored at the time.  It is in this relaxed state of letting go that we may have our flashes of inspiration and lightbulb moments!  

Grounded in Jungian psychology, the sessions are a gentle and safe way to connect with our inner world and consciousness as we allow what we are ready for, to surface.  Most of all, it is a celebration and opportunity to re-connect with the  energy that is being danced, heard and witnessed.  

If you are experiencing any issues with standing movements - you are welcome to sit on a chair or lie down during the session.  If this is the case, please let me know beforehand.  

After the dance we sit quietly to create our mandela art - a reflection and physical representation of the energy and our experiences within the dance. This helps us to integrate and take with us anything we have learnt, from beyond the class  into our daily lives.  At the end of the session, there is the opportunity to share and provide feedback before closing with a final integration meditation. 

Do I have to dance in front of others and/or participate in the mandela art creation?

YES!  Please remember this is not about 'dancing' in front of others.  It is not about performing, showcasing moves, or a structured dance lesson with set steps you must follow!  There are no right or wrong movements.   How YOU move is up to you!   This is really all about your inner experience, letting go and trusting YOU. This is your body, your experience, your inner wisdom - so by default, it is right and perfect!  

You can find a space in the room where you feel most  comfortable and/or use an eye mask I offer to participants, if this helps.   The music and my guidance really  focuses participants on their own experience rather than what is happening in the  room or what others are doing. 

The mandela artwork is an integral part of the process.  It is not about creating an art piece but rather capturing and transferring  the energy danced &  experienced onto paper so we can fully integrate this.  You will be guided in the process and there is no set thing you have to draw!  It can be colours, shapes, literal images, words - whatever organically arises!

You do not have to share your mandela, if you do not want to.  It is yours to keep.  In a 9 week immersion cycle, we bring these back to individually reflect on the energy and insights we have danced up over the past 8 weeks for a final integration and celebration dance!

As someone who always said "I can't draw", (and still catch myself saying it  sometimes), this is definitely not about what or how you draw or meeting anyone's expectations of what drawing is about!   It is your own symbolic interpretation of the experience, drawn or coloured however you like. 

Do you facilitate Chakradance at corporate events, festivals or retreats?

Absolutely!  I am happy to discuss the needs and purpose of your workshop/ retreat/ corporate event to determine what type of session is required and how to best deliver Chakradance for an uplifing and unique experience.  I am flexible to tailor a session which may include;  a 15 min taster at an expo, a special themed workshop for a particular event or gathering, and can work with larger  or small groups to tailor the  experience depending on the context.  

I also deliver Chakradance in Retreat settings alongside  other modalities which promote and complement healing, health and wellbeing.  I can also deliver a 3 day retreat solely focusing on Chakradance. 

Refund & Cancellation Policy on course/classes

 For course bookings:

1.Full refund of course if cancelled 5 days prior to course start.
2. Any course cancellation less than 5 days prior will receive partial refund.
3. Alternative options for individual missed sessions within course will be discussed directly.

For individual group classes:

1. Full refund with 12 hours notice.  

2. Less than 12 hours notice or missed sessions, alternative options to attend other current or upcoming sessions will be discussed directly.

What next?

Here is a short video re: the chakradance journey from founder Natalie Southgate.








You can also find out more by visiting the official Chakradance website  For further information or for any questions about the sessions I offer, please contact me via phone on  0429 657 561 or email

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