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Find out more about the Reiki experience and sessions on offer

Why Reiki? 

Reiki offers a unique system of practice and way of living  which encourages us to take responsibility for the care of our own  health and wellbeing.  

Reiki self practice and/or healing sessions can help to replenish, re-balance, or release energy no longer needed,  to create a smooth beautiful energy flow within and around us.  Our worries, fears, anger, stress and other emotions can sometimes make this energy flow difficult, creating a trickle effect.. much like how pebbles/rocks can restrict  a clear flowing river!  This in turn can affect and impact our physical, mental and emotional health and our life experiences.  

The purpose of Reiki is to be open, present and available for what can be.     We are not using Reiki to achieve or create a particular feeling or outcome but  to enhance and create the conditions for us to thrive and be the best we can be, whatever that might mean for us.    It is a process of letting go and  trusting our body, rather than an outcome we want to control.   Much like mindfulness practice, if we expect or force a result (e.g. fixated on what should happen = stress state)  this then achieves the opposite result = less calm/frustrated/ less mindful!

What happens in a Reiki session?

Distant or in person healing session?

Reiki can be experienced in person or from a distance.  At any time you may choose to receive a 'distant' session from the comfort of your own home, retreat or wherever you are in the world!  In this scenario, I would run the session through the  online platform, Zoom at a suitable time for both of us.  We would then connect 'live'  and the session would run much like an in person with me. 

What does a Reiki session involve?

Generally, a Reiki session involves lying  fully clothed, on your back on a massage table. If you need any support, then a bolster or  pillow can be available or if you need to lie on your side (e.g. if  pregnant), this can also work.   It is important that you are comfortable for the duration of the session and you can let me know at any time, if you are not.   Reiki can also be given while sitting in a chair which  can work well with babies, young children or for anyone where lying down is difficult.  

What does a Reiki practitioner do?

At the beginning of the session we would have a brief chat and this is an opportunity  to ask questions.     I would then check if there are any specific areas of concern - physical  issues or other e.g. pain/injuries/stressors you may  be experiencing and/or your main reason for the visit.    It is important that any paperwork  (Reiki Information form and Consent/Waiver) is completed prior to the session so we can focus on the Reiki experience.  This is all sent out via email upon your booking.

You do not need to have an 'issue' to come to a Reiki session  - you may simply want an energy balancing session;  a  relaxation experience or  some beautiful time out for yourself! 

During the session there is usually no talking.  I simply begin Reiki and all you need to do, is nothing at all!  Relax and enjoy the experience and the opportunity to not have to think/do/say anything for a little while.  Take this moment to fully rest!  

The Reiki experience involves me placing my hands on and off your body - across your head, torso, legs and feet in a series of hand placements. 

The role of Reiki is to assist in restoring and balancing our energy levels and flow which may have become restricted or diminished over time and through periods of stress, illness or  tension. 

By drawing in Reiki energy to where it is most needed,  or releasing excess energy  through our various energy centres or meridians located throughout, you have the ability to balance and improve  your energy flow which can create powerful shifts in your mind and body.  

Is Reiki like a massage?

Unlike a massage, in Reiki you remain fully clothed.  It is best to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and you only need to remove your shoes - so you are barefoot or you can keep your socks on if you wish!  A blanket and soft sheet are also provided for extra warmth and comfort if needed.

Reiki is gentle touch and  non manipulative, so  there is no force,  pressure or 'massaging' involved.  If you are uncomfortable with having my hands placed directly on your head, body or feet, please let me know  as  Reiki can be also be experienced completely hands off.   Please note;  there is no touching or physical contact of any private body areas

What will a session feel like it?  

Each person will have their own unique experience of the session  and may feel a lot or not much at all.  Sometimes we may be more attuned to our body's experiences and sensations, other times we may not be - regardless of what 'space' we are in - Reiki energy is always available to us and always working! 

During the session a person may experience heat, tingling, coolness, tummy rumbling, a twitch or nothing at all.   You may see colours, or may spontaneously feel a release of a sensation or emotion (e.g. a cough/ giggle/sigh)  or you may simply fall asleep - feeling deeply relaxed.

So enjoy this time and space to experience whatever is most needed!! 

Please do not feel like you have to hold anything in or for it to be or feel, a particular way.  Each session is different because in each experience,  you are different in that moment and time.  So allow your body/mind to do  whatever it needs to, without judgement, expectations or need for it to be a set way.   

It is helpful if you can be open to whatever possibilities may arise from the session.  Bring your intention to support your healing in whatever way it is most needed at this time - not determined by me or you!  Energy will flow to where it is most needed, not where we think it should or must go!  

What can I expect from the session?  

The outcome of each session will vary for everyone and may or may not be immediate post session or fully known.   You may have come in because of a sore  knee but find that an emotional issue you have been dealing with, is less troubling over the coming days.  

We end the session with a brief discussion of any feelings/ sensations experienced, and some reminders of how to enjoy the Reiki benefits for longer. 

What is your role as a Reiki practitioner?

 As a Reiki practitioner, my role is to create a nurturing and calm space to provide the best opportunity for you to maximise your Reiki experience.  My intention is to be energetically open, fully  present, and focused in the session so I can  best  assist  the Reiki  energy flow and  its work,  in the way it is intended and most needed. 

Is there anything I should do before or after I attend a Reiki session?

No there is nothing that you need to specifically do to prepare for the session!  However, there are some important things that may assist  to maximise the benefits and experience of Reiki.

Important things you can do pre and post session to help: 

Don't rush!

- try not to rush to and from a session - rather than simply seeing  it as something you squeeze into the day or just another thing you rush into; see it as creating more space in the day for what you need, and to experience more of what you want in your life.   Ease yourself into the rest of the day, to allow the energy of the session to sink in and hold.   

See what you can do to enhance and prolong the feelings of relaxation and calm.   Consider what works for you; some gentle music in the car, a sit outside in the park, a gentle stroll before you step into work/home again.

Listen to your body

You may feel tired post the session; give yourself some breathing space to have a lie down, or finish up the day earlier so you can rest.   

Avoid or limit drinking alcohol

 Avoid or  limit  drinking alcohol, the day before or on the day of the session if you can (as long as this is not dangerous for you e.g. if you are alcohol dependent, any reduction/withdrawal of alcohol should be monitored medically).  

Give your body and mind the chance to fully immerse in the energy without alcohol distorting, influencing  or  negating the experience and effects.

Drink plenty of water, your body needs it!

Remember to drink lots of water post the session, as well as keeping up with your fluids prior - don't come with a full bladder to the session as this will just make you uncomfortable! 

Just like in a massage, water can help flush toxins through and out the body to aid with the detoxing effect.  In a similar way, you can help  prepare and assist  the body with the energy clearing and release which begins in the session and continues afterwards.  

Be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself!  

Sometimes things can feel worse before they feel better and this is often an important  part of the healing and recovery process.  

As energy starts moving, shifting and  clearing within the body, then you may experience some discomfort or increase in symptoms temporarily.  This does not have to happen for Reiki to work but if it does - wonderful!!   Know that it is a positive sign that the energy is being processed and your body is releasing anything that it doesn't need. Let it move through as it needs to so you can feel more balanced and lighter.  

Remember if you experience this, it is a normal part of the healing response, its positive and usually temporary, lasting a couple of days post session, and will often leave you feeling much better  than prior to the session.  

At times like these be kind and remind yourself that this will pass.  A follow up Reiki session can assist or I am happy for you to contact me to discuss.  

Most importantly, remember your session will be your unique experience and will generally be a positive, uplifting and relaxing experience.  You do not need to do ANYTHING at all to make the session happen- just relax and enjoy!

Is Reiki  for everyone?

Yes Reiki is great for everyone and everything!  It is available to children, pregnant mothers (even an unborn child can benefit from a Reiki session), to animals, plants, our homes and across all issues from emotional to physical health concerns. 

Reiki has been used within hospitals or as part of health plans to assist with palliative care, pre and post surgeries, cancer treatments etc, to help enhance recovery, decrease stress and anxiety, reduce pain and other symptoms.

Reiki works beautifully alongside all other healing modalities, medical treatments or therapies. 

PLEASE NOTE: It should not be used in place of traditional medical care or health advice.  As a Reiki practitioner we do not diagnose or undertake specific counselling -  if this is required, where appropriate I can refer or ask that you seek medical advice from your Dr.

So while Reiki is suitable and can work for everyone, not everyone may necessarily wish to experience Reiki - this is an individual choice made by each and every person! 

I am happy to speak to anyone who would like to find out more but I certainly do not push or force anyone to come to a Reiki session, if they do not want to or feel that this is not for them!  

If you are interested to discuss tailoring a Reiki session for a specific purpose or audience  e.g. for animals, house clearing or young children, then please contact me so we can see what you need and how it can best work to be more  accessible/ suitable for the intended receipient.  

Will it help cure all ailments?

As much as we would like quick fixes and a click of a finger solution to any issues or conditions we are experiencing - Reiki is not magic.  It is a technique and method of working with and receiving energy that is both simple, positive and non harming.  What happens as a result of that energy work/balancing that occurs, is difficult to predict.    It is recommended and possible for Reiki to assist with all types of  acute and chronic health or emotional issues, however as  Reiki practitioners we  cannot  make promises  or guarantees about the outcome or if a specific result will be achieved.

Long term or chronic issues may require multiple and/or intensive  frequent sessions and there is no certainity of what may come as a result.   The majority of people will experience positive effects from the start and multiple sessions can offer a cumulative effect building on the energy work so that we may see improvements in health over time.  It may also help to support/inspire you to undertake  other positive  changes and actions to create the life you want.  

It  may well be worth finding out and experiencing what it means for you. 

Reiki can help balance your energy to assist your body/mind to be in the best condition it can be,  whatever your circumstances.  For chronic conditions it can help to  lift your spirits, provide some relief and enjoyment  in your day to day  and experience  benefits you may not otherwise.  For many it may even be worth considering learning Reiki to give to yourself so you can receive  Reiki daily as part of your everyday  life.  For further information on Reiki classes/sessions please contact me to discuss. 

How many Reiki sessions are recommended?

This really is up to you and and will vary depending on each person, issue and session experienced. I leave it completely up to you to decide and determine what you need and what will best assist you to get there.  It may be with  Reiki or it may not.  

One off sessions

A one off session can be of positive benefit,  just like a one off massage is still a great experience and feels good for the pure enjoyment and sheer relaxation. 

For someone who is quite balanced/ lives a healthy, calm and peaceful life than one session may be just enough to maintain that equilibrium.     Even with  years of accumulated stress or tension, Reiki, like a massage can be a breath of fresh air, a moment of joy!  Reiki, also  like a massage is still working on us and re-balancing our energy even post that one session.

Sometimes a first session may  simply lay the groundwork  to  help you  re-connect  back to your body.  When we live primarily in our heads we can  neglect our body  meaning we are removed and closed to what we may be feeling and available within us.  So this initial session may help lay the foundation to continue to build and work on.

When would I need multiple sessions?

So like anything, we need to understand our Reiki experience within the bigger picture of our life and how we live it!  One session of anything (a haircut/ a massage / a day off work!) can help, and may be better than none, but this alone will not create the change we may want, need or expect.   So this may mean additional sessions and/or  some further conscious  actions, tools and timeframes to move forward with.

Most often three to five sessions are recommended to work intensely on a particular issue with a view to assess any changes in symptoms before deciding whether you would like or need more sessions.    Again an issue which has been experienced for a short time may need less frequency and intensity than a longer term, chronic issue experienced for years.  

I am happy to  take things step by step, and discuss with you at any time how Reiki is working for you and what will best suit.

I cannot guarantee the outcome of the session or predict what the result will be.  Multiple sessions will have a cumulative effect  and  so by the second or third session we  may be able to connect more readily and  go deeper  to release any old emotions or barriers we are holding.   

A lifetime of stressful living or deeply held emotional experiences  cannot simply be undone in an hour session but we can actively work and move towards a more balanced and healthier way of being through Reiki and more mindful living. 

What are your co-vid19 guidelines

I practice within current  industry and health government regulations and so for the latest updates or information on what this means - you can contact me directly or see the Vic Health website. 
Safe covid19 and standard hygiene  procedures  are practiced throughout.  If you are feeling generally unwell or with covid-like  symptoms e.g.  fever, coughing or sneezing, please contact me to discuss.  We can make arrangements to do a distant Reiki session from your home instead which can be of real benefit if you are  feeling unwell or postpone for another time.  
I will also inform any person with an appointment if I become unwell or test positive for covid19.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Please note the following cancellation policy applies. 
1.There are no refunds on Reiki services that have already been provided.
2. A full refund will be issued upon cancellation of the service with 12 hours notice.
3. Any cancellation less than 12 hours prior to the session will receive a 50% refund.
4. No shows & no contact prior to appointment will not receive a refund.
5. If you arrive late, you will receive a shorter session as per your booking.

Do you work with community service organisations?

If you are interested in providing or offering Reiki as part of a service or program for clients or staff, please contact me directly.   I am social work trained, with well over 15 years experience, working with vulnerable and marginalised individuals, young people and families in various not for profit and government organisations including; Australian Red Cross, Mission Australia, AMES Australia, TAFE QLD.  I have also spent 4 years teaching aspiring  Community Services students and strongly believe access to various mental and physical health and wellbeing strategies is vital.

What next?

For any questions or to contact me directly please call or email on 0429 657 561 or

For bookings please go to book online

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