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Mindfulness Blend - 10mL

Mindfulness Blend - 10mL


Practise mindfulness and bring your conscious awareness to the present moment.

This gently grounding and mindful blend of pure essential oils is further enhanced with spiritually-purifying lemon, calming lavender, fresh and invigoring black spruce, and tension-relieving atlas cedarwood pure essential oils.



  • Ground yourself in the present moment.
  • As you diffuse this blend, honour the ‘now’ and bring your attention to the world around you.
  • This spiritual and introspective blend of pure essential oils inspires thoughtful awareness and cultivates calm.
  • How to use

    Add 3-5 drops of Mindfulness Blend to your Perfect Potion diffuser or oil burner to centre and ground yourself in the present moment.

    You can also add 5 drops to every 10ml of pure vegetable oil to use as a massage oil or add 5 drops to 10ml dispersing bath oil base for an aromatherapy bath.

  • Ingredients

    100% pure essential oils of: citrus limon (lemon), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), picea mariana (black spruce), cedrus atlantica (Atlas cedarwood), vetiveria zizanioides (vetiver), eremophila mitchellii (buddha wood), santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood).

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