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Calm & Cosy Loungeroom Trio

Calm & Cosy Loungeroom Trio

Create a calm, cosy haven in your loungeroom for nurturing connections and enjoying time out with Soul Comfort, Happy & Calm and Relax pure essential blends in Calm & Cosy Loungeroom Trio.

  • Essential oil blends trio

    Happy & Calm Blend

    Cultivate a positive, calming and comforting environment for your little ones with the warming, cheerful aromas of oranges, chamomile and lavender in this nurturing blend. Happy and Calm blend is especially effective for children or for those who are young at heart.

    Relax Blend

    Ideal for creating a tranquil and calm environment, this beautiful synergy of relaxing and calming pure essential oils, including lavender, orange, geranium and ylang ylang encourages the mind to unwind and let go of tension.

    Soul Comfort Blend

    The creation of this heavenly blend was inspired by the collective's need for comfort of mind, body and spirit. Feel grounded (patchouli), clear-headed (lemon), balanced (geranium), confident (bergamot) and expansive (frankincense); while being soothed, nurtured (sandalwood, rose, hinoki wood) and protected (Buddha wood) by the pure essential oils in this blend.

  • Ingredients

    For blend ingredients see individual essential oils sold separately and available also for purchase on this site

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